Community Events

The safety and well being of attendees at the hall is a guiding principle in reopening and to this end, we have implemented the following practices in accordance with Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines.

  • The hall will be cleaned and disinfected (referring to using a chemical to clean germs on a surface) before and after each rental. Cleaning will include disinfection of all high traffic areas, common areas, public washrooms and high touch surfaces.
  • Soap dispensers in facility washrooms, kitchen, and bar will dispense antibacterial soap.
  • Communal resources such as water jugs and salt and pepper shakers will not be available for use. Coffee urns, china and flatware will be available for use by renters. All china and flatware must be cycled through the dishwasher/sanitizer after use.
  • Cleaning products will be available at the hall to facilitate good practice by event organizers during and after events.
  • Posters are posted at the hall to create awareness for attendees and organizers about current health recommendations.
  • The outdoor portable washroom is cleaned and sanitized on a weekly basis by a third party. No further cleaning or sanitizing services will be provided by Davisburg Community Association.
  • No Outdoor Event tents will be permitted at this time
  • Outdoor Playground is not sanitized. Use at your own risk. 


We recognize that no single measure or action is effective in every situation and that relaunch plans and requirements may change due to evolving health realities. The Davisburg Community Association will make every attempt to adjust to evolving practice and event organizers and renters are expected to do the same.

  • Event organizers must use good judgment and appropriately plan events in accordance with most current AHS guidelines and practice including:
    • Group size and social distancing. * Stage 2 allows for up to 50 people at an indoor gathering and 100 people at an outdoor gathering, as long as 2 meters physical distance is maintained between individuals who are not in the same household/cohort.
    • Personal hygiene & respiratory etiquette (posters will be in place at the hall to reinforce good practice).
    • Cleaning and disinfecting
    • Personal Protective Equipment as appropriate

  • Event organizers must keep a list of attendees with contact information. In the event that a Covid-19 positive attendee is identified, event organizers may be asked by AHS to provide contact information of event attendees.

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