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The following message is from the 2019 Davisburg Sodbusters Team 

logo kraft projectplayDavisburg is a great community with the spirit of a family. As you probably know, the community loves its sports and the teams. Anywhere from t-ball to Bantam Sodbusters ball. Please do not forget about the wonderful soccer teams that we have. But today the members of the 2019 Bantam Sodbusters Baseball team would like to inform you of an exciting opportunity we all have.

We would like to ask for your help. We have created a Kraft Heinz Project Play Rally Page in order to win the $250,000 to help upgrade our facilities. We are asking the people who are able to share their stories, photos and explain why we need an upgrade.


What would the money be used for?
To begin with, we will be upgrading the bleachers for the wonderful supporters who come and watch our games through all of the horrible conditions. Next, we will be extending both diamond's infield to regulation midget size. Don't worry, every age group will still be able to use both diamonds. This would allow for more teams to play on a diamond and not be limited to only play on one. Finally, we would create an indoor training and locker area for all to use. As you know, we get a lot of rain in the Davisburg area, this causes all teams to miss practices. With this upgrade we would still be able to play and keep our stuff dry. With any left over money, the Sodbusters would throw a party of celebration to anyone of the Davisburg Community.

Thank you for your help and willingness!

The 2019 Bantam Sodbusters baseball team!

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